Upside - EP


Our first EP is out on many and most streaming platforms. Four new songs to explore aswell as an old favorite.
We've had a blast putting this one together and would like you to have the same experience listening to it!

Check out Audio Tapes if you're feeling nostalgic, longing for times long ago, when everything felt a little less complicated.

Listen to HYMN to get that special thrill you experience when sharing your work with the world.

Feel like running away from past mistakes? Two Fires may be the song for you.

Experience Falling, a tune to make you feel like taking problems into your own hands and moving on.

Share our a place with us on the Rooftops overlooking the possibilities and shutting out the critics.

Or just simply have a go at all of them, we are happy to share.

Rooftops - Single


Rooftops is our first single and was released at the end of 2020. The song is about feeling empowered even tough a lot of people may doubt and criticize ones actions. Staying focused on your goals can be a difficult task. Rooftops is about changing perspectives and staying on top of the important things in life.

We also produced a lyrics video for you to sing along to, check it out:


???? - EP